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TelematicsAt Prestige Car Servicing we recognise the need for increased Visibility & Control in the face of rising costs, our software is both powerful and flexible to give you the information you need in the way you need it. For as little as 20 to 30 minutes time saving per vehicle per month the telematics system costs are fully recovered.

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Headline benefits on offer:

Web Browser Support
Minute-by-minute Tracking
Today’s Journeys
Traffic Information
Message Alerts
Closest Vehicles
Geofence Facility
Manage Reports
Journey Replay
Vehicle Manager
Event Recorder

Whether you are a fleet vehicle controller, a small business owner or a security conscious car owner, the Prestige-UniTrack system allows you great control and tracking, the system includes:

Live, minute by minute vehicle location and status displayed on the latest Google map technology, including satellite and street views.
Complete audit trail of vehicle movements, driving hours, time on site and mileage.
Improved management information leading to improved planning.
Improved and accurate updates for customers.

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