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Prestige Car Servicing can offer you a variety of service options including a Prestige Full Service. Routine services are an important part of annual vehicle management. It involves a series of detailed checks and filter changes by a trained technician in order to ensure the vehicle is both safe to drive and efficient. Failing to properly service your vehicle could cause it to become unsafe and inefficient. In cases where oil and filters are not changed it can have a devastating effect on the vehicles engine.

All vehicles are issues with a recommended service schedule, these usually last for longer than the vehicles expected life. The scheduled services typically happen either annually, at certain mileages or when sensors on the vehicle detect wear and tear. At Prestige Car Servicing we can offer the right service for your car at the best cost.

Keeping Safe

At Prestige Car Servicing, we can also look to carry on your cars servicing to the manufacturers’ specified schedule. Typically for most models, these will tend to follow an annual or mileage based interval with the full service and interim service being recommended alternately. With many other makes such as Volkswagen, this can change depending on the age of the vehicle, typically if the model is older than 2008. In these instances the vehicle could be set to ‘Long Life’ intervals, these intervals tend to be twice as long meaning two years or higher mileage based intervals. Whenever we bring your vehicle in for a manufacturer service, we will always check the manufacturers’ recommended schedule and any indicators from your vehicles service lights or on-board computer.

All Prestige full services include the change of oil, an oil filter and an air filter, and if your vehicle fuel type is diesel then a fuel filter is also replaced. Depending on the condition of the cabin/pollen filter, then additionally a change of the cabin/pollen filter may be required. The service also includes a full inspection of the vehicle by a trained technician. This will include removal of the wheels to ensure the brake system is well maintained. A report is then provided with any parts of the vehicle which may need replacing, repairing or investigating further. A full list of checks include:

Brakes and suspension – We check the brake fluid system as the fluid is hygroscopic which means over time it will absorb water/ moisture from the air causing the brakes to become less efficient, the brake fluid is recommended to be replaced every 24 months to ensure the vehicle can brake safely. The suspension arms are checked for damage. We also check the condition of the discs and pads to ensure they are not excessively worn.

Wheels and Tyres – We remove the wheels to check the tyres, cylinders, ball joints and the steering system for any problems.
Engine – A change of oil and various filters along with checks on the spark plugs, battery, gear box, fluid levels and cooling system.
Fuel and Exhaust – We check the emission levels, the exhaust system and the fuel filter.
Exterior – An inspection of the windscreen, wing mirrors and lights is undertaken.
Interior – We check the internal lights, the gauges, the hand brake and the cabin filter.
Final Checks – We check the anti-freeze, air conditioning and perform a road test of the vehicle to ensure it is operating correctly.

Any additional work which is required is always quoted to and authorised by yourself before we proceed.

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