Air Conditioning Re-Gas


Air Conditioning Re-Gas £85.99 £43.00*


* For the months of June and July, Prestige Car Servicing are pleased to offer all customers a half priced air conditioning service when booking an A service, B service, Inspection 1 or Inspection 2. Typically £85.99, you can now get an air con service for just £43 excluding VAT. With summer fast approaching now is a great time to beat the rush and get your air con serviced and maintained to ensure you keep cool and comfortable no matter what the weather has in store.


Keep Cool this Summer

Q. How long does the service take?
A. This is usually 1 hour but can change depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Q. How much refrigerant does the system need?
A. The refrigerant is usually measured by weight and a small car will usually require 0.5Kgs, a larger car with climate control can need up to 1.5Kgs.

Q. How often should my air conditioning system be serviced?
A. We recommend intervals of 18 to 24 months. If the system begins to run low on refrigerant then it can cause additional strain on the compressor. This can cause the compressor to wear out or draw more power from the engine and increase fuel consumption.

Q. How regularly should I run the air conditioning in my car?
A. We recommend for a few minutes every week and more often if possible. This can be run either hot or cold depending on the outside temperature. This will help prevent the rubber seals from cracking in extreme temperatures or humidity.

Q. My air conditioning produces an unpleasant odour, what is this and how to I prevent it?
A. In some instances, bacteria and other micro-organisms can breed within system and this can cause a bad odour or an allergic reaction. This can usually be fixed with a replacement filter on the air conditioning system.

Q. How effective are air conditioning “top up” kits which are available in many motorist shops?
A. We do not recommend you use these as the air conditioning system can be unsafe to maintain and misuse can cause contamination to the unit which could require major work to repair. We always recommend a trained professional services your air conditioning system.

Q. When buying a used car, how can I check the air conditioning system?
A. Ensure the vehicle is started and the bonnet is up. Run the air con on full blast, it should blow ice cold air usually within a minute.

Q. Why do the refrigerant levels drop?
A. No air conditioning system is completely air tight, it is possible up to 20% of the refrigerant may leak every year.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We provide full UK coverage through our Service Centre network.
Here is what is included in an Air Conditioning Service.

  • Check Cabin Temperature at Air Vents a preliminary check to ensure vents are not blocked and the fans are working.
  • Antifreeze Check to ensure the antifreeze levels are sufficient in the coolant system. Coolant freeze is the biggest cause of break downs during winter months and can easily be avoided with this check.
  • Check Quantity of Gas in the system and top up if required.
  • Check Pressure in the System and top up gas if required or if pressure remains low, advise of possible leak.
  • Check Drive Belt tension and condition to ensure enough power is being provided to the system.
  • Check Condition of hoses and fittings making sure there are no blockages or leaks

To book an air conditioning service with your main service, simply select the air con service option when booking in.

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